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  1. If you nee to replace the Main Braked motor on an Ercolina TB50 EDT Follow these steps

    These are intended as General Guidance and we will in no way be held accountable

    the Main Aluminium Gear box needs to be separated from the pedestal / Electrical control cabinet,

    Ercolina have started using a Screw lock gunk as a security measure so they can tell if the machines been messed with under warranty, knock off any excess and clean out of screw head as best you can

    Step 1 remove the control Panel, noting wiring positions, disconnect the through casting wires for the emergency stop and Bend / Return switch

    Step 2 Remove the three Limit switches from the main Rotary pivot point (do not under any circumstance remove the 3 alluminium Cams as nightmare to reset) I tape these together with screws to ensure correct repositioning,

    Step 3 Locate the Rotary Encoder (on the underside of the Main gear box, hiding behind the Motor) trace the control wires 5 of back to board and ensure they will lift clear with gear box

    Step 4 Remove the 4 Extra long socket head caps which hold the Gear box down to the Pedestal, as a rough guide they are usually tapped into the corners at the top of the pedestal, so follow the corners up to locate the Screw, do one at a time and if you pull a short one by mistake simply put it back before proceeding.

    disconnect Motor wiring (please note wire positions, their should be 6 wires, 2 for the Brake mech, 1 earth and 3 phase's)

    once all wires have been disconnected and tucked into the pedestal you can think about lifting the Gear box, 2 strong guys can easilly lift (unsure of exact weight circa 50/60 kg's)

    Lift clear and upturn the gearbox, carefully remove the encoder and release the 17mm nuts securing the motor flange, the motor and main pinion gear should simply lift clean out, the pinion gear should simply slide off the Motor spindle, i usually put it back and cover the hole to ensure no grit gets in.

    relace motor and re-assemble

    I have pictures of these steps which I will attempt to upload,

    if you have any questions or would preffer us to repair it for you please feel free to contact us [email protected]