Ercolina Megabender 030

Ercolina Megabender 030


Ercolina Megabender 030



Maximum Capacity.                   76 x 4mm mild steel.

Minimum Diameter                     5mm tube 

Minimum Radius                        10mm

Maximum Radius                       380mm

Type of control                          

The 030 is fitted with an inverter drive system, allowing variable speed of acceleration and deceleration to be programmed, to achieve optimum bending results. It has a menu driven control system, bending angle and spring back angle are programmable by means of the microprocessor for 29 programs of 9 bending angles, 1 program of 18 consecutive bends, with back up battery to store data.

Rapid Tool Change                    

30 seconds due to quick change counterbending die and hexagonal centre drive on formers. 

Electrics                                   Three phase 415V

Dimensions                               680mm x 370mm x 910mm

Weight                                      170Kg.

The machine is easily moved around the workshop, via wheels at rear of the unit, and the moving handle is concealed at the front of the machine.

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