FabMach Auto Drill

FabMach Auto Drill


FabMach Auto Drill

This was originally developed as a turnkey project to fullfill clients Remit, Which took 3 skilled men operating Manual Drilling stations which utilised Fabricated guides for each product drilled, maually loading each box into the drill guide then manually positioning the guides for each hole,

Our Tiger Drill is capable of loading 24 of  80x40mm Box sections, once loaded the system automatically loads onto the drill feed, which has a 99 programme memmory, can be utilised with any semi automatic drilling machine.

the memmory will drill any sequence of hole patterns along the length either on one face or through both faces, with a rapid approach and travel between both faces to increase productivity

The Machine has an pneumatic kicker which pushes the processed tubes onto a waiting area to be taken direct to the fabrication cells

The project also included a Bundle cutting mitre band saw with powered roller infeed and outfeed which feeds the bundles of box directly to the tiger drill,

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