Ercolina TB60

Ercolina TB60


We have is stock for imediate sale an Ercolina TB60 Rotary draw elcto mechanical tube bender.

The TB60 features ercolinas powerful induction motor technology providing a smoothe and reliable drive.

the TB60 has 30 Memmory programeable memmory with 10 bends in each programme

We carry a large stock of tooling and spares for all Ercolina Models, full Training is available with this range of machines, on site, Guaranteed to train anyone "no matter how thick ! "

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We profit by helping you Profit

We are a major supplier of Metal cutting band saw blades throughout the uk,

We are one of the Most experienced suppliers of the Ercolina range of Tube Bending and Rolling machinery, with a huge stock of spare parts for most of the Machines, from counter bending dies to formers to replacement Inverter drives,

We carry a large inventory of spare parts for the Geka Range of steelworkers, including replacemnt seal Kits, Hydraulic components, Stripper plates etc etc please contact us with your reuirements

We offer specialist tooling advice and manufacture from replacement Punch and dies to Blades and guided die sets to our own design

90% of our clients return time and again because they know the products and services we offer deliver high productivity gains.

We have Price competitors, we are not the cheepest, as we all know however cheepest is not best, and cheepest will not make you money,

TCO "Total Cost of Ownership" is an accounting term which we should all consider when purchasing new equipment, we stand by our products through our Turnkey service, through Specification instalation commissioning operator training and ongoing maintenance, we work hand in hand with our clients to ensure the lowest possible TCO. 

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