Meba 335 DG Double Mitre Band saw

Meba 335 DG Double Mitre Band saw


We have a Meba 335 DG for sale

the Meba 335 DG is a twin collumn Double Mitre Machine,

a top of the range German Build quality machine with top features

Digital display of the Mitre angle conveniently locate don control panel, adjustable cut pressure and hydraulicdown feed control with dynamic cut pressure sensors which montior the pressure on the back edge of the blade they automaticaly throttle the down feed to compensate when cutting through heavy box sections / H & I beams,Variable speed,

The Machine is mounted on aheavy duty central pivot which is very easy to adjust and features automatic clamp vice adjustment to ensure it is always close to the cut,

The Machine also has Spray mist lubrication which applies a mixture of air and oil directly to the blade and reduces the floods of coolant normally spilling for the ends of sections and pipes


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